El Sahel Teaching Hospital

It is a governmental hospital affiliated with the General organization for teaching hospitals and Institutes • Located in Shubra • Established in 1973 to support the October 1973 war for neurosurgery and spine surgeries on an area of 4 acres • El Sahel Specialized Hospital was opened on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 under the leadership and supervision of Prof. Dr. / Abdel Fattah Hegazy


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Emergency room

The capacity of the Reception and Emergency Department was increased through the establishment of the Internal Reception and Emergency Department and the renovation of the old Reception and Emergency Department to meet the needs of the hospital to serve patients. It serves an average of 160,852 cases per year. The reception department is staffed by an experienced and highly skilled nursing staff and specialist doctors who are quick and meticulous to assist difficult cases. Serving all specialties available to serve the public in the emergency services provided: emergency - internal medicine - kidney - liver - chest - heart - general surgery - obstetrics and gynecology - orthopedics - pediatrics - neonatology - care - pediatric surgery - vascular surgery - plastic surgery And burns - neurosurgery and spine.

Intermediate&Intensive care

The care department included twenty-six intensive care beds. It was developed during the development of the care department. A number of ten cardiac care beds were included, and an intermediate care with a capacity of 13 beds was established. Working Group: A group of highly qualified consultants and specialists in all disciplines who have the highest levels of infection control and international and Egyptian standards and guidelines. Services provided: A very modern intensive care unit services, where the latest resuscitation equipment is used, and this is done under the supervision of a medical staff with experience in dealing with all critical cases of all ages since their arrival and stability. condition.

Outpatient clinics

Start operating outpatient clinics in May 2001The development has been in various aspects of construction, equipments (medical and non-medical equipments)..And the number of clinics was increased to suit the different medical specialties to provide a distinguished daily medical services, morning and evening, for the convenience of reluctant patients.

Reproductive health unit

It started operating in September 1999It provides its services in the field of family planning and has been developed to perform the reproductive health service, and it includes: Contraceptive methods of all kinds, according to the requirements of each woman, after knowing the medical history. Examination and advice:Contraceptive coils of all kindsContraceptive injections of all kindsContraceptive pills of all kindssubcutaneous capsulesEarly detection of tumors through vaginal swabs and examination of the vagina and violent contraction of the uteurs with a magnifying vaginal speculum. The disease is registered with the diagnosis and address and followed up periodically through follow-up cards.

Corona virus vaccinations

The hospital provides vaccinations for the emerging corona virus.

Liver and kidney transplant

El-Sahel Teaching Hospital has the honor to perform liver transplantion operations. It is the first government hospital to obtain a license from the Organ Transplant Committee. More than 200 cases of liver transplantation have been carried out under the supervision of a large medical staff with a great deal of competence, including surgeons, care physicians, radiologists and radiology technicians. and lab technicians, blood bank technicians and medically trained nurses at the highest level and fully familiar with infection control methods

Presidential Initiative for Women's Health

El-Sahel Teaching Hospital is honored to present the initiative of the President of the Republic to support the health of Egyptian women..Where screening and early detection of breast cancer are done.

Diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization

The hospital has the latest diagnostic and therapeutic catheterization device (peripheral catheterization - cerebral catheterization - cardiac catheterization - liver catheterization).


أ.د/عبد الفتاح حجازى

General Surgery

أ.د/ محمد عبد الرحمن الاتربى

Urology Department

أ.د/محمد سليمان البدوى

Plastic surgery department

أ.د/ احمد العايدي

Surgical Operations Department


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